Fashion: Ray Ban Sunglasses and other Sunglasses Trends

The classic

The Ray Ban Sunglasses “Aviator” has been around since 1937, the aviator sunglasses with the narrow, made of gold-plated frame edge and green glasses celebrating since unbroken success. The Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses is the undisputed hallmark of Ray Ban and probably one of the most popular sunglasses world, a pair of sunglasses that can be worn by young and old as well as between women and men.

The sunglass lenses of Ray Ban sunglasses are characterized by high impact and scratch resistance and excellent optical properties. They consist of a mineral glass and are thermally cured. The most popular lens colour of the Ray-Ban is the “G15″ – grey-green with a light transmission of 15%.

Jil Sander sunglasses Havana, about 195 euros, also available in black

Sunglasses at Memorial Truman Capote: Truman Capote, the writer knew exactly: “Before you shake your head then check it yourself if you have one.” And if you had one, then you wore sunglasses in his time, the character of today, all retro lovers enraptured: 2011 exude the classic Wayfarer adaptations of the “American Way of Life” in softer shapes and subtle pop art: Ray Ban, Jil Sander, Vintage New …

The round sunglasses fights for quite some time steadily increased its well-deserved place in the sun. If the glasses are larger, they are reminiscent of the seventies bohemian. Both way, the round glasses is the model for individuals – artists and thinkers are in their heads the right companion.

A style element for emphasized femininity is the Wildcats look. Sunglasses are the undisputed focal point, especially with exotic paint like zebra stripes or floral patterns – and the bigger, the better.

Very big sunglasses

XXL sunglasses are real killer and spray paparazzi celebrity atmosphere. Whether big, round shapes in the style of the seventies, or nearly square shapes that recall the spirit of the seventies, big sunglasses are the darlings of the season.