Fashion Tips for Men: Handkerchiefs

In times of understatement, we place increased emphasis on details. The new indicators of good taste can now be found in the accessories. Cleverly selected and combined, they can make the baggy look a feast for the eyes. However, it is not just about old acquaintances such as the belt or the cufflinks, but especially to traditional sources such as the handkerchief.

Accessories with tradition

Accompanied by a certain nostalgia, the relevant black-and-white films owes it with tearful ends, the handkerchief comes to us today almost like a relic from a bygone era before. Just one, were ironed in the tree woollen handkerchiefs even after washing, in the pure white was the only true and the tip was still bobbin lace by hand. That sounds pointless. Therefore, it is not surprising that was received with the rise of the throwaway society and their lifestyle faster, the paper towel with open arms. The change from paper to fabric has undoubtedly its price, which is not to be sought in the financial perspective.

Like everything else that touches our body or approaching it to within a few centimetres, also passes through the handkerchief an accurate scanning of our senses. While the soft cotton clings to the delicate facial skin, unruly crackling paper version has a lot more to be draped around the nose. Also in terms of smell, the subtle points of fabric softener scented handkerchief in contrast to chemically treated counterpart. This raises the question whether it was really such a good idea to let the paper towel to take the helm. Dettol Febreze lovers and fans are now screaming – yes!

Design patterns in all colours

It is now the way to confess it was okay to wear colour and a patterned handkerchief with you. Currently particularly relevant are traditional plaid and gingham patterns. Classic white handkerchiefs in a win by one tick of initials symbolic value. Blessed, then, from his breast pocket disguised as a handkerchief handkerchief shines forth, for it is clear that the man has not only style, but he is also prepared for mishaps of any kind.